Who We Are

Lis: “I am a passionate supporter of the arts, do-gooder and giver. Ten years ago, my husband, Mike and I formed the KatherineAlexandra Foundation, which supports and promotes the arts, education, traditional and complementary medicine and eco-friendly practices. I also own an investment company, called End of the Beginning Investments which makes small micro-loans to creative companies and individuals.”

Kate: “For 6 years, I worked for West Chester University in their development office and, later, as the Director of Alumni Relations. In 2009, I started my own company, Touch of Blush, LLC, a full service professional make-up and styling service.  I am proud of my company’s tremendous  success in make-up and styling for weddings and events, advertising and photo shoots, fashion shows, pageants and live television. I serve as the executive director of the KatherineAlexandra Foundation where I identify, evaluate and administer grants to worthy non-profit projects.”

Melissa: “I have worked with Lis for over 10 years on the creative and administrative sides of all of her ventures including, End of the Beginning Productions and End of the Beginning Investments, the KatherineAlexandra’s “In My Body” project and so many events and projects in support of visual and performing and the healing arts. In addition to my background in creative communications and marketing, I am a professional documentation and art photographer. My work has appeared in numerous exhibitions and publications.”

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