In My Body

The In My Body Project

In My Body is a concept musical about living in our bodies. Flying Bulldog Productions LLC has teamed up with Dan Martin and Michael Biello to write, collaborate and produce a musical theatre piece exploring body image topics in our society. We live in a society where a great deal of attention is focused on appearane and living up to an arbitrary standard of the “perfect” body. Often, we try to mold our physical selves to fit society’s
ideals of what this “perfect” body is . The In My Body Project musical theatre piece will strive to expose characters that audiences can identify with in a personal way or to recognize in these characters traits that are shared by people they are exposed to on a daily basis. Through songs, music, dance, monologues, poetry and dialogue, our characters will uncover body self-consciousness, body self-loathing, body acceptance, body pride, body pain, body projections, body confidence—all the raw truths about how we feel in our physical and emotional bodies. Our audience will take this journey with us to raise awareness and respect for body image issues and body diversity, and, perhaps, to feel better about living in their own bodies.

Check out the song that INSPIRED The In My Body Project

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